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Create a website in under a minute with Sundae - no coding required! Keep your content on, while Sundae handles the rest: lightning-fast page loads, SEO optimization, and more.

Launch Your Website in 3 Steps

1. Select website type
Start by selecting a website type. We offer templates for help centers, blogs, documentation, and single-page sites. Choose one that fits your needs.
2. Choose docs to publish
Next up, decide which docs you want on your website. Simply pick the docs and map them to specific pages. Tailor your content just the way you like it.
3. Show off your new site
Your new site is ready for visitors! Make updates easily on and hit publish for instant changes. Choose to use your own domain or take advantage of our free Sundae hosting.

Content Management Made Easy

Manage your content in, the platform you love. Continue using familiar docs for writing and editing, and keep the good vibes going. Sundae takes care of the tech side, transforming your work into a sleek, fast, and secure public website. Just focus on creating top-notch content!

One-Click Templates for Every Need

Select from our ready-made templates for wikis, help centers, or blogs. With one click, we handle both functionality and design. Creating an impressive site has never been this easy!

Fast Sites, Happy Visitors

Experience lightning-fast load times that keep your visitors smiling. Leveraging the latest technology and CDNs, we ensure your site is not just good-looking but also super speedy.

Customize Your Site, No Code Required

Personalize your website's look and feel without getting tangled in code. Your vision, effortlessly brought to life.

Own Your Domain, Secure Your Site

Use your own domain for that professional touch and gain credibility with SSL certificates. Even Google gives a nod to secure sites, so you don't only look good but also maintain a favorable reputation.

Boost Your SEO

Add titles, descriptions, and social cards to make your site stand out. Optimize your site for search engines and get the attention you deserve.

Go Beyond with Custom Code

Want even more control? Add your own code for that extra layer of customization, tracking, or integration. Make your site as unique as your vision.

We're here to help!

 How does Sundae work?

Sundae transforms your Monday docs into a fast, SEO-optimized site. Manage content in Monday, while handling site details in Sundae, right in your Monday workspace. Sundae handles the heavy lifting, making it as delightful as having a Sundae on a Monday. Use Sundae for a speedy web experience, site customization, domain addition, SEO management, and URL organization.

What is is a versatile work operating system that streamlines tasks, projects, and collaborations. It offers a visual platform, making team management and productivity seamless. Beyond tracking progress, you can also author documents directly in Whether handling marketing campaigns, HR processes, or construction projects, it's got you covered.

Can I create a website code free?

Yes you can! Combine the content you author in with Sundae’s code free site creator to control your site’s look and feel and connect it to your domain.

How do I create a website with Sundae?

Install the Sundae app from Monday’s app marketplace, create a new Sundae site in your workspace and follow the on-screen instructions to create your site.

Can I use Sundae for free?

You can get started for free, and stay on the free plan forever. The free plan is limited in features though, so at some point you may want to upgrade to a paid plan.

Is Sundae built to handle large websites or high traffic websites?

Yes, Sundae is designed to generate static HTML files, which are optimized for fast loading and high performance. Paired with a Content Delivery Network (CDN), it becomes even more capable of handling large websites and high-traffic situations, making Sundae websites scalable and high performing.

Do you offer any support?

Sure, feel free to reach out to us via email! We'd love to help and get your feedback.

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